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For Parts - Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone lot

For Parts - Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone lot

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This lot is being sold as is for parts or repair.

I've included as much detail as possible here but more issues may be present.

Included are the following devices with specs and condition description:

  • 32 GB  iPod Touch 2nd Gen - working - iCloud unlocked - serial #: 9C911983208
  • 64 GB iPod Touch 3rd Gen - working - iCloud unlocked -  serial #: 9C940M6D6K4
  • 64 GB iPad Air 2 -  janky charging port, cracked on corner - serial #: DLXNK95XG5YL 
  • iPad Mini 1st Gen Wifi only - activation locked, unknown specs
  • 16 GB White iPod Touch 6th Gen -  iCloud unlocked - battery dies quickly - serial #CCQQ12E6GGK5
  • 128 GB White iPhone Xr - Carrier Unlocked - iCloud unlocked - Turns on and functions, cracked back, cracked front screen with hazy lines on screen, weird side button issues - EMEI: 357336097447582
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