Automotive Dynamic Ads - Feed Subscription

Inventory Feed Subscription

If you are interested in a dynamic digital marketing on Facebook and Google as discussed in the Automotive Dynamic Ads certification but need a compatible feed for your inventory, you can purchase a monthly subscription to syndicate across both platforms.

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, there is no contract. If your payment method is declined, your feed will be cancelled but can be re-activated by updating payment information. 

Access your Feed Management profile here.

Once you make a purchase, your feed file URLs will be sent to you via email in 1-3 days - watch for an email.



What is an inventory feed?
An inventory feed is a specially formatted CSV file that is created when your inventory management system sends a feed to into a database and then it's exported into a feed for Facebook and Google.

Are Google and Facebook inventory feeds the same?
No. Each platform needs the information formatted differently.

Can I still run dynamic ads without an inventory management system?
No, you cannot.

Can I a feed myself?
Not unless you are an advanced programmer.

If I get a feed from you, how will you hook-up my feed?
When you subscribe, you will be asked for a contact at your inventory management system to send your inventory information to me. I will then transform it into the right format and send you links.

How can I cancel my feed?
Just login to your PayWhirl account and cancel it. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.